Thursday, January 29, 2009


alright man.. back from kuantan
it was a wodnerland
baby crab catching was fun
bee bee que crabs for everyone!
they taste like fried chicken skin
a little more crispier
a little bit more sexed
more orgasmic
the rest is for you to experience

moral of the story: never go crab catching without a pail

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


in my recent escapade to find serenity.
i was godamn shocked to see obscenity all around.
ppl weren't virgins anymore and sort.
but what shocked me most was this!

'homegrown pop, bitches!'

due to the recent recession of the world.
me dad decided to beat the kiasu ppl of the world to it.
take that, bitch!

but then,
i was wrong to think that only my dad was smart enough doing this shit.
look what i found around the hood that'll blowfart you away!

*from top left. 1)awesome wicked hybrid. 2)wicked awesome hybrid. 3)inside is a holy moly mother of all poppies. the mother pop! 4)and in the middle of the mini jungle lies mother pop's baby, princess pop! still young, but growing strong alright. 5)i was told this was the ugliest, hairiest hybrid. but it has one of the awesomest tastes! it freakin tastes like a god damn flower! 6)it now comes in a pot. 1 for rm25, 2 for rm45. good deal guys? 7)the purplish violetaa carnamelo 'tiki taki' hybrid. if you dont blend it well, it could actually give you cancer. daymmm!

okay, so you thought im gonna smoke weed the whole trip?
wait till you see this!


wOOts. and i thought this place wasn't cool!
pix A-C. failed experiments of molotav-ing. they just dont get good education here man! dammit!
D. aftermath of a molotav cocktail explosion.

wtf man.

alright. thats all for today, folks!
good night and take care!

Monday, January 26, 2009

cny is bad and boring

festive season of cny is here..
i want my
spiderweb cookies
i want my
i want my
lamb shank
and lastly my
moo moo on a sizzling plate

Friday, January 9, 2009

what if you were given the chance
to turn back time
what would you do?
personally i think everything happens
it all happens for a reason

9 out of 10 guys are jerks
girl A: jerks are hot
pumpkin: so your saying i'm hot?
girl A: jerks not you

gosh... stop stereotyping people out there
we need justice!!
like how Einstein actually discovered gravity
but he had this thing on with Newton
need me to elaborate more?

not all things are relevant
even if they seem to be
horse + rhino doesn't equal to unicorn

todays value: have a bar of chocolate in hand
gets handy when your low on sugar

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

papadams and chihuahua

papadams are crunchy
chihuahua taste good
papadams are better than nachos
chihushuas are better of with celebrities
papadams are firstly made by the Incas dated back in 1300
chihuahuas are Mexicans and eats nachos
papadams are not related to pumpkins
so is chihuahua
bysaying that some dicks might have assume
i have eaten a dog in my life
but as pumpkin land ruler
i shall clariffy that i donot and will not
eat a dog
least i think i love them

pictures of my christmas present

not running a religion blog here
its actually a frisbee

fried papadams

chihuahuas artwork

daily chef quote: papadams don't go well with chihuahua