Friday, February 27, 2009

the princess, the attack, the toilet bowl monster!!

today, as i was entering the toilet!

i was looking at ma toilet bowl, ready to sit and lay down some chocolate brownies for the toilet bowl to eat.

see, its got all these fishies on it?

so i was about to serve the brownies..

a monster came!
*which ever you like. couldnt decide which was more scary.*


it was so vicious!
and so, i got so afraid i took my cute cute toilet brush!

and my ashtray too! was throwing cig butts at it!

we were at each other!
it was something like this..

*not like this la, this is too much!

ALAS! i in my mighty princess suit.
i overcame it!
i won the sword fight with my lil cute toilet brush!

-the end-
-the princess diaries: attack of the toiletbowl monster!-

coming up nxt. pandas eating bamboos! a shocking truth.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

MCH. bored like fckkkkk

Everything you name, starts with the first alphabet of your name ;)

1. What is your name : weihua

2. A four Letter Word : wank

3. A boy's Name : weihua

4. A girl's Name : weihua

5. An occupation : wiggling human puppet

6. A color : w-huait white

7. Something you'll wear : wallaby shirt

9. A food : wan tan!!

10. Something found in the bathroom: wax

11. A place : west msia

12. A reason for being late : waiting for shit to come out

13. Something you'd shout : WAHH!!

14. A movie title : where's my cheese, that stupid mouse ate it.

15. Something you drink : water

16. A musical group : we the kings

17. An animal : wallaby

18. A street name : waikiki st.

19. A type of car : who gives a shit. wondermobile.

20. The title of a song : we are rockstars - does it offend you, yeah?

Friday, February 20, 2009


Today, my 5 year old nephew showed me green martians he'd made with his new Play Doh set. I smiled and said, "Wow! Now, how about some blue martians!" He looked at me and replied, "How about some blue shut the fuck up!". FML

addictive shit

Monday, February 16, 2009

Projek Free HIEW scandal


with reference to the picture above
you all can see that me being in the red circle
was present when HIEW the innocently cute bubbly
little chun li was being captured and tortured like a HO
i would like to voice out that the person in the pictures
may have the same shirt as me
same hair style
but its not me
i wasn't there when this incident happen
as i was busy celebrating valentines
a picnic i shall say in some rainforest
with my beloved michelle ong
which is formerly known as sunny sided up egg

tag: i'm the blue ; shes the pink ; yellow bucket of food and drinks

So far the only donation is made by
a woman which i proudly present to you
she said she is will is donate 2 glass
of ice lemon tea from benta to fund for our thirst
a thousand thank you for it
and i hate those inconsiderate bastards who doesnt donate
to save HIEW our super star

Projek Lepas HIEW!!

As the founder of this blog
i; lord pumpkin who sits on his
monorail that goes on a rail in air
decide to support 100% in the operation
to free HIEW from hands of the cruel.
As we all know, we are an big ass organization
helping out unwanted torturing by the cruel,
nasty yet kind Malaysians who are smart enough
to use a master ball to capture the rarest of all pokemon

This move has been forbidden by the council
and i here standing on behalf of the pumpkin kingdoms
security pledge that donations be given to us
so we can use it to free the pitiful HIEW.
The 18 years old have been through many hard ship as
we see through the pictures that are being posted up previously
as a start, i myself being humble will start asking for donations
as our first move in projek lepas HIEW.

when you think recession strike you is bad
think again,
there are people out there who are in shittier condition
so please give us a helping hand
to make this projek a success
if we manage to get a big sum of money and
support we will hire AA class ninjas to take retrieve back
our beloved, cute, intelligent, pretty,sexy, voluptuous HIEW
or HIEW will end up like Rihanna
for more details please don't hesitate to contact us
at this imaginary hotline and email address
as we will come to you asap

hotline: 03-55699-12629

your donations we assure you that we will not
take it for any other usage such as MC donald outing
and lastly thank you for supporting us



indon maid dress-up session.

they forced him to eat steamboat.

and jst because he refused to eat anymore, they colored his fingernails!
and he was forced to camwhore with the hellokitty which is so innocently cute!

proof of threat:
finger's about to enter his throat if he doesnt do according to what they say!

what a thing to do to an 18-year old boy!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

woo hoo!

work has been awesome.
texting ppl on the way to work was more awesome.
at least i know who to text now, cause at 7am.
none of my friends are awake.
except for those that go to work
and i dont really like texting them.

and so work is fucking deceiving.
its god damn cold in the morning.
like around 20 degrees like that.
but once the sun shines,
its a whole fcking 40 degrees man.

oh ya, this is jst a rant post.
here's something relevant.

when i'm with her,
i am thinking of you~

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

base on a true stroy

a lot has happen
ups and down
left and right
in and out
zoo was great
cheras "cha ooohhk" was better
teluk gong was the bomb

once upon a time,
in a far far away land,
there live a princess
by the name of m-leong
one fine day, leong was married to prince lew
happy times wasnt to long
until recession strikes
she have to go back to her kingdom
to save her people
so she left on a plane,
a round round plane
while at her kingdom, it was under siege
by a big giant crocodile by the name of kenny
reinforcement were requested
and leading the space clan by me,
Wei hua the ultra man,
joe win by naval,
and lastly the happy sided up egg
which is there and there
for decoration purpose to
keep the other far far away land safe for
princess leong to land

moral of the story:
1)love has no bouondaries
2)always keep tinner in case of silver marker spillage
3)get a reminder

pict to go with: